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27 проектов

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Письменный перевод

Английский  — Лаосский Родной язык

ИТ и телеком Бухгалтерия Банки и инвестиции Бизнес Документы и сертификаты Финансы Общая тематика

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Лаосский Родной язык  — Английский

Отзывы · 1

  • Sergio Alasia,  Qabiria
    ПереводАнглийский > Лаосский

    23 апр'19

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Личные данные

Италия, 02:40
Родной язык
Опыт работы
9 лет 9 месяцев
Обо мне
"My name is Boutsady and I am a full-time freelance translator I have been in the field since 2011 and have been loving every minute of it. I work for English to Lao and vice versa.

working as a Freelance Translator and proofreader, QA and tester for many Translation Agencies and direct clients in the US, Europe, Asia, and Worldwide, providing a translation, proofreading, linguistic insight, editing services to clients where needed;
Some transla...


Sichuan University

  • 2004
  • Китай
  • Бакалавр
  • Commercial and Industrial Management

Опыт работы

Freelance translator, editor в Freelance translator, editor
с 2012 по настоящее время
 Freelance translator for Onehourtranslation, an international web- based human translation platform and have been completing more than 693 projects, 90,000 words, member since 2014.  Working as Feedback Moderator for Microsoft via Language Community App  Translating and proofreading, reviewing all subject matters from English to Lao and vice versa;  working as a Freelance Translator and editor for many Translation Agencies in the US, Europe, Asia, and Worldwide, providing a transl
QA officer в Mauli SPA
с 2005 по 2012
• Responsible for inspecting and following up the production in China; • Responsible for of translating and interpreting from English –Chinese and vice versa (General email, General document, contract, Agreement, Policies, Working schedules, etc.); • Responsible for preparing & issuing weekly production schedule; updating & changing the schedule as conditions warrant.
Project Manager Assistant в Environmental consultant
с 2004 по 2005
• Responsible for analyzing all project critically; • Playing a key role in coordinating the activities of the project team as well as be involved in preparing presentations, documenting processes and Office administration and IT (Handle the documentation, follow-up & other expansion related office works); • Attending the survey team and collecting data from the project area; • Translating and interpreting from English- Lao, Chinese to Lao and vice versa; • Perform other duties as assigned.