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Julia Rosa

472 тыс слов

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Письменный перевод

Английский  —
  • Английский (США)
  • Английский (Соединенное Королевство)
  • Английский (Австралия)
  • Португальский (Бразилия) Родной язык

Архитектура Искусство Автомобильный бизнес Авиация и космос Бизнес Картография Переписка

Личные данные

Бразилия, Porto Alegre, 12:32
Родной язык
Португальский (Бразилия)
Опыт работы
8 лет 6 месяцев
Обо мне
Hello! My name is Júlia and I'm an ENG-PTBR translator.

My translations are manually done by me, never through any sort of machine translations and they are also proofread and revised before turned in. I have worked with an assorted number of online and software CAT tools and have basic knowledge of coding and I'm a fast learner with new technologies and software.

My goal while translating and revising is for the text to seem localized, I alway...



  • 2024
  • Бразилия
  • Бакалавр
  • Linguistics - Portuguese // Letras - Português

Опыт работы

Translator and Manager в Loquatics - GYANT
с 2018 по настоящее время
• Translated 60,000+ words as a first phase for app localization, for the GYANT medical app. • Proofreading of documents and strings as a second phase, before the app went live. • Helping out in solving issues and explaining the work to new team members.
Translator and Interpreter в Festival de Bonecos de Canela
с 2015 по настоящее время
• Facilitated the communications between the Festival and international Companies since the early stages of preparations, predominantly through e-mails; • During the happening of the Festival, interpreter to with the communications between the Companies and the local tech team;
Translator в TechPump
с 2018 по 2018
Translation of 3,000+ video titles and descriptions.



  • 2015

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