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Личные данные

Корея, Incheon, 18:07
Родной язык
Опыт работы
4 года 9 месяцев
Обо мне
Translator (English - Korean) ❘ Digital Marketing

- Graduated with Bachelors degrees in Linguistics and Professional Writing
- Translation/Transcreation/localization EN-KR
- More than 5 years of experience

My expertise lies in translating websites & marketing videos to increase customer engagement, but I also have a lot of experience rewriting and translating product descriptions, user manuals, legal and medical documents. Hire me. You will rec...


University of California, Davis

  • 2018
  • Соединенные Штаты Америки
  • Бакалавр
  • Linguistics and Professional Writing

Опыт работы

Game Translator в Oink Games
с 2019 по 2020
• Translated game titles and instructions • Performed necessary web search to improve content localization • Helped the company to release 4 board games in Korea
Medical Translator/Interpreter в GSC Clinic
с 2019 по 2019
• Translated a variety of medical information including medical conditions, treatment options, surgery safety precautions, follow-up appointment details, and billing • Upheld patient confidentiality in accordance with the clinic policies and procedures
Linguistics Data Analyst в Davis Language Development Lab
с 2018 по 2018
• Analyzed English speech patterns of 135 bilingual children and write a report • Coordinated a weekly video conference for international faculty in different time zones • Collaborated with a multicultural team consists of 7 different nationalities • Reviewed specifications for data sets with new variables created from applying algorithms
Communication Manager в CGK Productions
с 2016 по 2017
• Created writing, reviewing, editing, and updating content for the company websites and digital campaigns • Moderated social media communities by attending to complaints and settling disputes • Organized and executed the company's largest annual public event, an awards show recognizing the most outstanding businesses in the Chinese city of Kunming


Education/Marketing Translation

  • 2020

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Website Translation

  • 2020

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Game Translation

  • 2019

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Recommendation Letter from Oink Games

  • 2019

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